What do you get if you cross Mr Chi Sin burgers with a group of random strangers from Facebook, Electric Ave.
Electric Ave is strikingly different in every way.
Built on a budget so tight even hardened nuns could be heard sobbing themselves to sleep in the distance.
Located in an alleyway not because we are super cool but because it was the lowest rent we could find.
Tight budget or not the food here is unlike anything else in Hong Kong.
A world away from your boring cheese and bacon burger with ingredients made by everyone else except the restaurant itself,
Electric Ave' s burgers are daring, using the best of everything and with lots of cooking involved.
All our sauces, seasonings, components are made from scratch. What we can't make ourselves we buy the best.
Bread Elements buns and hormone free grassfed Super Prime Black Angus cattle from a 150yr old farm for example.
So expect the highest quality, healthiest and most homemade burger in HK with some outrageous flavour combos.
Why make such an effort? Why not is the only answer AND because our customers deserve something a bit special.
Now finish reading this already and get over here.

Electric Ave is named after a street in London that's notable for many reasons -
it was the first street in England to have lamplight back in the 1880s,
it inspired the title of a popular 1982 song by Eddie Grant.
Now it is a diverse cultural hub and a foodie mecca.

Electric Ave combines flavours from around the world.
Our recipes feature nods to a variety of countries and their cultures -
Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, Italy and Vietnam (just to name a few!).

Electric Ave is the proud home of what many have already called the best burgers in Hong Kong.

We only use the finest Australian grassfed beef in our burgers,
hormone free from a farm 151 years in age. Super Prime Black Angus Cattle and cooked pink.
Our buns are lovingly created by Gregoire Michaud of Bread Elements to finish off these top grade burgers.
You are Welcome.